Tuesday, 26 April 2011

D is for Donut!

So, it's a Tuesday afternoon and I've got nothing better to do than get my Johnny Cash on, get all my hair 'gear' out and have a good old play. I've been watching lots of Youtube videos on 40's and 50's hairstyles and thankfully, I've pretty much perfected my 40's 'victory rolls' with lots and lots of practice.

I've also been flicking through my copy of Vintage Hairstyles (Lauren Rennells) and have wanted to get the knack of a pompadour. It seems, with a little help from a hair rat, it all becomes possible!

However, being a rather impatient person; my hair rat isn't quite fully formed enough for a pompadour, so instead I bought a hair donut, snipped it, sewed it et voila, a hair rat.

A good tip with a donut hair rat, is to find a little bit of wire (I use a very light gauge silver wire used for jewellery making) and pass it through the whole length of the rat. This makes the rat more maleable so you can create more of a curve with it - the whole point of the pompadour is that it isn't as 'sausage' shaped, but more banana-esque! Looking at my photo, it seems I need a heavier gauge wire, as mine really isn't holding the shape enough for my liking. Ah well.

So, here's a couple of really bad quality pictures from my phone. I've not got my full face of makeup on - just eyeliner and lipstick chucked on for the sake of vanity!

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