Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

The internet is a very wonderful resource when it comes to doing a bit of networking slash research. I stumbled upon Judy's Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair (cor, what a mouthful!) and knew I had to go!

So, I plotted in my diary to keep the 26th March available in my diary and when the day came I grabbed my mum - aka my chauffer - and we drove all the way to Oxford, got on the park and ride bus into town. The bus ride was particularly hilarious; you'd think people had never seen a hair flower and red lipstick before! We grabbed a quick bite at one of my favourite eateries Yo! Sushi. I can personally recommend the Chicken Katsu Curry. However, I digress....

So we find the Town Hall in Oxford and climb up the stairs and find an entire hall full of people and clothes (utter heaven!). We paid our entrance fee of £2 each and instantly a gorgeous vintage-dressed lady at the entrance gushed over how much she liked my trousers. Now, I never tell a lie - these trousers were admittedly £9 from Matalan, but evidently, they have a true vintage style about them. So, I gush about the wonders of Matalan in return. A couple of other people asked about my trousers too, so Matalan - beware, you may be inundated with people asking about high waisted Palazzo pants!

I digress yet again. The fair! Not many people dressed for the occasion, but in my limited experience of socialising in full vintage garb, it takes a certain type of personality to carry it off! I've always been somewhat of a show off, so this is probably why I love the vintage look so much.

Back in the hall, and the first stall I come to is a vintage stall called Miniola selling a pair of "vintage" Christian Louboutin shoes - though I'm not sure how vintage they were, they were definitely "pre-owned". I also quickly fell in love with a pair of Tiger print Kurt Geiger shoes. Admittedly they were not vintage (brand new, in fact) but they do look rather stunning with a pair of Capri pants and a knotted shirt! I was so in love with the Kurt Geigers I went back to the stall 3 times to try and haggle with the lady owner, however she was not budging an inch... so I begrudgingly paid the full £55 she was asking for. I have not regretted it, they are fabulous shoes!

The second stall we came to was Scarlet Rage Vintage (a girl of around my age) and instantly my mum grabbed a dress and called me over. Instantly I knew, I had to try it on. I didn't wait and took my top off and chucked the dress on over my camisole. Apparently, I was the first person to fit into the dress in 6 months of the girl having it. Suffice to say, it was meant to be! That was another £55 gone haha.

Just as I was buying my original 50's dress, I spot a lady holding what looked to be a very 40's looking tea dress (pictured below). I was gutted. I thought 'damnit, she's going to buy it'. So I looked away with a somewhat pained expression on my face.

To my utter delight, she put the dress back on the stall and walked away. 'Yaaaay!' I thought to myself. So yet again I whip my top off and throw the dress on over my head in the middle of the fair - when I'm shopping, it's like I'm an entirely different person; I don't see anything but the beautiful items begging me to buy them - and I just knew I had to have it. It was a perfect dress for lounging in the garden on a summer's day. My mum threw caution to me in that she thought it may look a little 80's with the shoulder pads, but she withdrew the comment as soon as I put it on! I had to buy a white waist belt to go with it of course and a white shirt with cherries embroidered on it just because I can always do with more shirts! I had so much fun with the girl at Scarlet Rage. We had a bit of a chinwag and I'll hopefully be seeing her down at the Judy's fair in Brighton next month! Lets see if she's got any more 50's garb for me!

Other items I picked up were a full circle high waisted skirt - blue with red flowers on, £25, haggled down to £24 as I'll have to sew a hook and eye clip onto the slightly dodgy zip (pictured below) and a pair of gorgeous black circular and diamante shoe clips for the bargain price of £4!

After the excitement of the fair, we sat in a Costa with a coffee and a cupcake marvelling at the day's purchases. What a wonderful day!

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  1. What amazing finds! I adore vintage clothing, but can never seem to find things that both fit and are in my price range :(



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