Monday, 18 April 2011

Lights.... Camera..... Action!

I thought I'd write a bit about the movies that have inspired me over the years. A big one for me is The Notebook; a movie every gal out there should have a copy of in her DVD drawer. It's possibly for me, the best romantic story (apart from Romeo and Juliet!) of all time; and, it has a happy ending. Huzzah!

So, we have The Notebook. Rachel McAdams does the red hair and red lipstick to perfection. Her costumes in this movie are breathtaking.
Here are just some images that take my breath away.

Another movie I adore is Easy Virtue with Colin Firth, Ben Barnes, Kristen Scott Thomas and Jessica Biel. Set in the late 20's, it sees a very gorgeous John Whittaker (played by Ben Barnes) come home after being hitched to no other than an American, an older woman, the concubine, much to his family's disgust and horror! It's wonderfully written and very tongue in cheek - and the soundtrack is fabulous with the cast singing on the soundtrack too.

As a Ben Barnes enthusiast, I decided to pop to the Comedy Theatre in January of this year and see (for the second time, I might add!) him in Sebastian Faulk's Birdsong; A war time tale of love, adultery and heartbreak. I was lucky enough to catch him as he was about to enter the back door of the Comedy Theatre and we had a quick chat and had my photo taken with him! He really is fabulous! Sadly, the wind wasn't as kind to my hair, as it was to his!


  1. I want every single one of Rachel McAdams' outfits from the Notebook, they're amazing!

  2. They are fabulous aren't they?! She suits it so well too!



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