Sunday, 24 April 2011

In retrospect.

I thought I'd write a little bit about a couple of purchases I've made in the last 6 months or so, as some of these items are my favourites.

I've already talked a little about places in Brick Lane like Rokit and Beyond Retro, but forgot to post a picture of my most prized cardigan. It's vintage, but I'm not entirely sure what era it's from, however, it goes perfectly with my high waisted pencil skirts and waisted belts. I bought it one afternoon from Beyond Retro, when I decided to try and buy something '40's or 50's esque'. At that time, most of my wardrobe came from a shop called All Saints. Don't get me wrong, I still love my skulls and there is still a little bit of goth in me, but for the most part, my glamorous history-loving side wanted to take over.

So... I literally just grabbed shirt after shirt, skirt after skirt and piles of high waisted trousers and took them to the fitting room. I must've spent around 2 hours putting things on and taking things off, but I went home with a very large, very full bag of clothing! that made a rather lovely 'capsule wardrobe'. Everything I've bought since, has been bought with my capsule in mind.

Mixing and matching is a huge part of wearing vintage, in my opinion, which is why I think it's important to create a sort of checklist in your mind. A couple of cardigans, a wide red waist belt, a white waist belt, a thin white waist belt, a black wide waist belt, a couple of high waisted pencil skirts, a few different coloured shirts that you can tie at the waist, a few circle skirts etc etc etc.

My favourite cardigan, pictured above.

One shop that I seem to covet, is TKMaxx. I think it's a bit like Marmite, people either love TKMaxx or hate it. I personally love it.
Granted, it's a jumble sale, but I do love a good rummage! You never know what you're going to find. For example, the dress pictured below is a reproduction 50's halterneck full circle dress bought from TKMaxx for around £35. It looks fabulous with a petticoat underneath and will be awesome for the summer when I'm feeling a little footloose and fancy free!

As with all 'fashions' you're totally free to mix and match and create a style of your own. There are people who are devout purists, who only dress in vintage, and then there are people like me who will wear anything as long as I like it and it suits me as an individual.

Another example of mixing eras, is this rather fabulous pair of 80's shoes pictured below. These are my babies (!). For years I've struggled to find court shoes to fit my feet. I have flat feet, narrow feet and long toes (how sexy, I know!) and so I was absolutely floored when I tried these on and found I could not only walk in them, but keep them on my feet too, without straps!

These were bought from a very quaint little antique 'emporium' in Deddington called Deddington Antiques in Oxfordshire. It's such a lovely building - 3 floors of antiques with a linen room and a pre-owned slash vintage room on the top floor, where I found my shoes!
One place I shall definitely be going back to.

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