Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bank Holiday Rummage

My oh my! It's been a busy few days!

I recently decided to dust off my sewing machine and try my hand at dressmaking. Back when I was 19 or 20 I decided I wanted to learn to make my own clothes, so I did a 10 week dressmaking evening course. I made a skirt, but sadly, it didn't fit me and because it was a group class, I didn't really learn much! I got a bit disheartened and put my sewing machine away and it hadn't seen the light of day since.

Well, that's all changed since I went out and bought everything I'd need to make myself a pair of 1940's style swing trousers. My Mumma was a keen trouser-maker back in her teenage years, so I roped her into helping me with mine! We worked solid for 4/5 hours the first day, 4 hours the next and 2 days later, my trousers are finished - and they fit!!! I have to say, they say "very easy" on the Vogue pattern, but for a novice dressmaker like myself, I have to disagree with their definition of 'easy'. We've conquered darts, pleats, inserting a zip by hand (universal zipper foot, my arse!) and turn-ups. It's been a definite learning curve with giggles and tears along the way, but overall I'm pleased as punch with the finished product.


Before I decided to make my own trousers, I'd scoured the internet looking for a pair of high waisted swing trousers, even phoning Vivien Of Holloway to see if they have any in stock. Sadly, they didn't, so I carried on looking. I somehow stumbled upon a website called who amazingly, had a pair of plain black swing trousers - and in my size too! So I quickly ordered them and waited for them to come. 

They arrived this morning and I'm in love! They're gorgeous and the waist fits perfectly and they're the ideal length! I couldn't be happier.

Bank holidays are supposed to be warm and sunny, well that's what we hope for. Alas, this Monday was a washout. However, this didn't stop us getting the car and driving to Oxford, again! This time, it wasn't for a fair, but to visit an Antique shop in Yarnton. 

It was peeing down with rain and miserable. The set I did before we went had totally dropped out by the time we got home, but it was a lovely day! We started off with some lunch - you need sustenance before shopping, of course. The actual antique shop is inside a garden centre. It kind of reminds me of a shop in Cornwall called Trego Mills - where they sell a bit of everything in one store. Sadly, the prices weren't quite the same in Yarnton as they are in Cornwall! The prices of the antiques and things in Yarnton seem to be quite hit and miss. A 50's woolen coat, in not so great condition, was for sale for over £100. I've paid a lot less for far better, older, coats. There were so fabulous pieces of jewellery, some art deco, some 50's. A gorgeous pair of Lucite flower earrings with a screw back, but sadly were out of my price range. They were around £25, which, in my opinion, is overpriced.

I did however, find a few bargains. I bought an amazing 20's felt hat with an Ostrich feather, a pair of flocked rose clip on earrings and a pair of black faceted beaded clip on earrings.

 This is how I looked before the rain ruined my hair! Sadly the picture's not great quality - none of my pictures are, as I use my old iPhone to take piccies, but you get the idea!

I also have a few favourite shops back home in Milton Keynes. One is a second hand furniture warehouse where I picked up these two adorable trinket pots for £2 each.

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