Sunday, 22 May 2011

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair: Cambridge!

Having had so much fun and the Oxford and Brighton Judy's fairs this year, I thought it was only right we took a trip to Cambridge for another Judy's day out!

We got to Cambridge at around 12:30 and had a good old browse. Sadly, I wasn't so taken by the items in the first part of the fair, but managed to get a very 50's looking high necked jumper with beads on. As some of the beads were hanging, I managed to get £3 knocked off the price! Bargain.

Further in, I got rather excited when I spotted a very tailored 50's dress; white with black collar and cuffs. It weighed a tonne, and felt quite small. As I was trying it on, I had my own 50's dress on around my hips and all of a sudden I heard the one noise a girl doesn't want to hear.... 'craaaack' and yes, my zipper on my original 50's dress had in fact, snapped. *Insert many many expletives here*.

So my mum ran around the fair asking for a safety pin while I took off the dress I was trying on and the dress I was wearing that day. I managed to get the zipper to zip up, but there was a gaping hole just above my bottom! Thankfully my Mumma is a whiz when it comes to impromptu fixings, and she managed to keep it together without anyone noticing!

Note to self: never EVER try clothes on whilst wearing a vintage dress - take your darn clothes off first! That'll teach me to try and be nifty and smart won't it!

Anyway, so the dress I tried on didn't fit - it was teeny tiny. But, I did get a beautiful 50's swing dress for £30. I actually overpaid by £5 so had to go back after my Yo Sushi and get my fiver back - every little counts!
As my poor dress was in such a state I decided to "risk it for a biscuit" with this black and red dress I found. I thought 'ah, if it doesn't fit, I'll stick it on ebay' - lo and behold, it fits beautifully. It's a little big on the bust, but as the waist fits, that doesn't matter so much. I just love the buttoned collar and little flicks on the cuffs. I'm also a huge fan of netting/lace so I also love that it's partially see-through.

Obviously, I just had to do the obligatory cupcake purchase at the fair and again, gorgeous cakes! I ate one one the way home in the car and the other that evening. My favourite was definitely the chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and a slice of Terry's Chocolate Orange on top. Perfection!
Check out for simply darling cupcakes!

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