Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Most Marvellous Place to Shop - No, really!

When I've not been slaving over the sewing machine, I've been out and about with my Mumma, as usual, looking for pretty things. A very good friend of mine talked about a shop he and his girlfriend often frequent, and as it sounded so wonderful, Mumma and I decided to get in the car and have a looksie. Well, it was fantabulous! It's a shop called 'A Most Marvellous Place to Shop' and they're not kidding! There's Nanna's Kitchen, a quaint little eatery serving all kinds of nibbles from all day full cooked breakfasts to pea and mint soup! The crockery is absolutely gorgeous too; all mismatched and so adorable.

The actual shop is in a rather interesting looking building with wonky stairs and a cellar. There's a clothes section in it's own 'room' and then the rest of the building features different sections with all sorts of goodies - antiques, homewares, jewellery, clothes, hats etc. All with a 'vintage' feel. 

I was shocked at the prices - everything was such good value. With cups and saucers selling for around £4 a set, A Most Marvellous Place to Shop is quickly becoming one of my favourites. 

In the clothing section, I managed to find a very 1940's looking cream/beige hand embroidered silk blouse, a black polyester embroidered blouse and a 1950's red wool sweater with a collar; perfect for wearing with my big circle skirts!

I also picked up a beautiful cranberry coloured Angora hat for £10 and an Art Deco style brooch for £3.50.

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