Tuesday, 3 May 2011

No turning back!

Well good evening ladies and gentleman. What a fine weekend we've had!

Let me start by saying that I'm going to somewhat buck the trend of talking about a certain event on the 29th April. Yes, it was lovely... yada yada yada but I'm actually sick of hearing about it now... However, I would love to have gone to a street party dressed up to the nines, but sadly travelling down to London on the friday wasn't really an option for me!

So instead I decided to go for a rummage yesterday to Brackley Antiques Cellar (my favourite haunt) and managed to pick up a stunning handbag for £32. It's genuine Crocodile and significantly larger than my current 'favourite' handbag.

Isn't she an absolute beauty? I love her so much!

I don't know if I've told you all how much I love charity shops, and this is another reason why:

 I found these shoes in a local charity shop. They're made by Bally, and I'm not too sure of their age to be honest. I'd hazard a guess at 80's, but they do have a more 40's look about them. I do know that if buying vintage shoes of any kind, to have them re-heeled before wearing them! I found out the hard way and wore them to work and found bits of black heel all over the carpet! The heels were so brittle they just broke up totally. So I spent a few quid and had them re-heeled. They're a size 4.5 so they're a tad big for me, but they're just lovely. I doubt the bow on them is original, but I've got a gorgeous pair of shoe clips that will sit perfectly in place of the bows should I choose!

This is another gorgeous piece I bought from Brackley. I fell in love with this cake stand as soon as I saw it. I just love roses. Roses are my favourite flower in the entire world, they're romantic, rich and symbolic. Not to mention that red is my favourite colour, so of course I have to have red roses all around me. I actually saw this a few months ago, but couldn't afford to buy it the first time I saw it. I thought to myself, 'if it's still there the next time I go, I'll grab it' - and that's exactly what happened. I knew I couldn't leave it behind again, so I paid £23 for a cakestand - bearing in mind, I don't bake cakes. It works perfectly as a jewellery stand.

You may also notice a rather cute looking 50's lucite brooch. I bought that yesterday, with the handbag! I was looking on ebay for one of these brooches but couldn't be bothered to wait for postage and lo and behold there was one sat attached to a piece of card with a rather large £14 price tag. I thought 'oh sod it, it's lovely' so I bought it! Ooops. It is lovely though.

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