Sunday, 8 May 2011

A sunday afternoon in Winslow

Awww, I had such a lovely afternoon with my Mumma. A few days ago we noticed a sign at the side of the road saying there was a vintage fair in a town called Winslow (Buckinghamshire) so of course we had to go!

It was so charming, the town square was absolutely packed with stalls, a band (and singers!) playing 1940's and 50's tunes and it was buzzing. Some of the town's shops were open especially for the festival and there were families with children and lots of dogs too. I must've been one of maybe 3 people who were dressed up in vintage garb, so I did get a few glances! One lady complimented me on my glasses, saying she tried on a similar pair and looked like Dame Edna Everage and was very jealous of me not looking like Dame Edna hehe. Of course, when I bought those glasses, my first question to Mumma was 'they're not too Dame Edna, are they?' haha. Us ladies are all quite similar creatures really.

Anyway, I went to the fair with a few things in mind; a pair of leather gloves, some hair flowers and a cupcake. I've got a big thing for cupcakes at the moment - my waist however, wishes I hadn't!

The stalls were all very quaint and eclectic. There were several jewellery, clothing and handbag stalls; much to my delight and lots of homeware stalls too selling gorgeous tea sets and crockery. I managed to get myself a few lovely things.

First of all, I'd been dying to get some more pin-up style hair flowers and to my utter delight, there was a very lovely lady (quite timid, if a little bit nervous) selling her handmade hair flowers. They were all stunning! She had lillies, orchids, sunflowers galore. It was her 2nd time as a seller at a vintage fair, and it certainly won't be her last. Her hair flowers were gorgeous and all handmade so worth the price. I paid £7.99 for the largest black flower I bought, which is a fair price really.

The thing I like about buying hair flowers in person, is being able to feel them, and try them on before buying. Some of them tend to look cheap and sometimes like when they're on ebay, the measurements aren't quite right. I saw one hair flower on ebay saying it was 9 inches wide. That's huuuuge! So, I'll make sure I buy all my hair flowers in person from now on! And definitely from the lovely Bev -

Mumma bought me a gorgeous glass trinket box (pictured below) for the ridiculous price of £1! 

And I bought some amazing 50's clip on earrings and a dazzlingly glittery glass bead necklace - paid £10 for the lot.

Lastly, I stumbled upon a stall selling all sorts of shabby chic vintage homewares, including this splendiferous pair of cream coloured leather gloves which, funnily enough; fit like a glove! They set me back a whopping £4!

After we'd finished at the fair, me and Mumma had a glass of wine and a plate of chilli in a local restaurant and gently sauntered home! A very delightful sunday afternoon indeed.

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