Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Triumphant Weekend Indeed!

Well, haven't I had a fabulous weekend?!

It started off on Saturday, when we drove down to Worthing to stay with my friend (and makeup artist) Claire Jones. We had planned to do a photoshoot for her university project, however, the weather seemingly wasn't on our side. We kept our fingers crossed and carried on with the hair and makeup regardless of the weather; even if the shoot didn't go ahead, it'd still be a good opportunity to do a 'dummy run' for the hair and makeup.

Luckily, as we finished the hair and makeup, the weather decided to be our friend and the sun peeped out of the clouds. So we dragged our "prop" into the car (Jack, the Husky!) and drove to our chosen location. I have to agree with the person who famously said 'never work with animals or children' - it was... interesting, to try and get a Husky to pose, especially when there are rabbits frolicking in the field next to us!! Nightmare, anyway, the shoot went really well and we got some great pictures (from what I can tell from the camera playback!). I'll post up some photographs when Claire's finished editing them.

On the Sunday we made our way to Brighton Racecourse for Judy's Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair. It took us a while to find the right door to get in - it wasn't very well signposted at all!
I knew I had to arm myself with plenty to spend, as I had a mini shopping list of things I've needed but not managed to find. On my list was a fitted cardigan, a full circle skirt and a pair of red shoes.

So we got to the fair and paid our £3 entrance fee and the first thing we heard was the DJ playing fabulous rockabilly hits. It set the scene really well and I got all excited like a kid in a sweetshop. The first pair of shoes I tried on I fell in love with, however, I knew my mum wouldn't be too pleased if I bought another pair of black court shoes!

So we had a good rummage round all the stalls and saw a lady holding a rather tantalizingly gorgeous black and white checked 50's full circle skirt! I was bobbing around hoping she'd put it back and wahey; she did! So I grabbed it and threw it over my arm to try on. It fitted perfectly, so I rushed back and gave the lady the £40 she was asking for for it. Yes, £40 is the most I've spent on a skirt (so far!) but, I think it's well justified as firstly, it's a huuuge piece of fabric, secondly, it has pockets and thirdly, it's reversible! It has a black lining and a double zip, so I can turn it inside out and wear it as a plain black skirt, or keep it as a black and white check skirt! Fabulous idea, reversible skirts.

The next thing I came to was this red shirt with puffed sleeves and scoop neck. I knew it'd look great if I changed the buttons and tucked it into a black pencil skirt - or even a circle skirt. It was a steal at a tenner, so I was happy. I've found some amazing buttons in Dunelm Mill, so I'll go and grab a couple of sets tomorrow.

I knew I wanted a pair of red shoes, but I just couldn't help myself when I saw a pair of plain black loafers. They were a size 3, but I tried them on anyway and lo and behold, they fit perfectly. I asked how much they were and she said they were £10. I offered her £8 for them and she said yes, as they looked so good on me I could have them for £8! Darling!

I grabbed myself a stunning Now-Voyager hair rose for my hair - as the skirt I bought the other week needed a much darker coloured rose to go with it. The skirt is a more 'rockabilly' style skirt, bought from Lady Luck's Boutique, made by a company called Old Skull 4ever.

Just as we were leaving the vintage fair I saw a stall right at the entrance to the hall, and they had 2 black real fur muffs for sale. I looked at them, picked them up and put them down. I knew my mum would kill me if I bought a muff, but I told myself that as I've always wanted one, she'll understand! Especially as they're pretty hard to get hold of (and it such great condition). I managed to barter them down from £35 to £20 and was really chuffed.

Sadly, I didn't get a cardigan, but I got some amazing items regardless. I always make sure I don't buy things I'm not going to use, or things that can't be 'mixed and matched' with my wardrobe. And, I reckon I did pretty well to stick to my rule!

I just wanted to show you all a picture of my most prized possession to date....

Just as we were driving down to Worthing on the Saturday, I decided to bid on a 1930's black velvet and Ermine collared opera coat on eBay, as it was just about to end without any bids on it and I needed a coat for the Autumn.

I bid £60 and got it for the starting bid of £45!!! A complete and utter triumph this was. It arrived in the post today and this is possibly the best vintage buy ever.... The arms are the perfect length and it comes just below my ankles, I shall move the button over slightly so it fits more snugly, but other than that, it's a total success!

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