Wednesday, 18 May 2011

War Paint

I thought I'd write a bit about one of my biggest passions in life; makeup.

I've worn makeup since I was around 13. The first makeup I bought was a silver Maybelline eyeshadow, a candy flavoured lipgloss and a W7 semi-permanent liquid eyeliner. I wore the eyeshadow and lipgloss to school and even got sent out of a class once for applying my lipgloss during a lesson!

My passion grew as did my makeup bag and I started learning how to apply liquid eyeliner very early on. It quickly became my 'every day' makeup and to this day, liquid eyeliner is the one thing I rarely go out without.

Because I've always worn glasses (and being severely myopic) it means that my eyes look a lot smaller than they actually are. So I spent a lot of time working out how to wear eye makeup to emphasize my eyes rather than cover them up. I quickly found that smoky eyes is best worn as a 'grey' rather than a 'black' base. Too much black and it closes my eyes up no end.
I also found that wearing pencil liner on the inner lower lash line had to be paired with mascara on the bottom lashes, or it looked too stark.

After a while I noticed that the W7 eyeliner wasn't the same as it always was - they must've changed the formula. So, I tried all the other types of eyeliner available; liquid with a brush, liquid with a foam tip, felt tip pen style liner and finally settled on MAC's gel liner called Fluidline in the colour Blacktrack.
My staple eyeshadow (every day eyeshadow) is also by MAC which is called Silver Ring.

Lip wise, I've always had issues. I have rather full lips, so wearing lipstick often makes me feel like Ronald McDonald. I have no idea why, but it does! However, when I do wear lipstick, I have 3 favourites. MAC's Viva Glam which is described as an 'intense brownish blue-red', MAC's Ruby Woo which is described as a 'vivid bluish-red' and finally Chanel's Rouge Allure in Passion (pictured below).

Today I've opted for the darker of the 3 - the MAC's Viva Glam. It has a more 20's feel to it, as it's a very dark red.

Nails wise, I always always wear OPI nail polishes. Their formulas are incredible and they are the most chip resistant polish I've tried - and believe me, I've tried a few!

My signature nail colour is Big Apple Red. I've really taken to wearing my nail colour the '1940's' way, which means leaving the half-moons bare. I achieve this by using french manicure stickers, but sticking them over the moons, then tidying up the edges by hand with a scalpel. It's fiddly, but gives a very authentic look.

My biggest tip for long lasting nail polish is to always use a base coat, a minimum of 2 coats of colour and a top coat. I use OPI's all-in-one 'Start to Finish' as a base and top coat, which is gorgeously shiny.


  1. I'm very near-sighted and it really is a whole other tecnique to paint your eyes when you wear glasses! I had to re-learn when I got contact lenses. :)

    Your nails looks lovely! I recently managed not get 1940's nails with the help of surgical tape- that was fiddly too. I guess there is no easy way to get round to it.

  2. You always look so polished and lovely! :)



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