Thursday, 9 June 2011

Birthday Celebrations.

I turned 25 on 8th June and I have to say, this is one birthday I wasn't looking forward to! I know, I know, it's not exactly old by any means, but even so, I'm a woman and a year older!

My birthday last year was a totally different occasion. This time last year I was in a very happy relationship and was deeply in love. The fact that I was a year older didn't make much difference to me even though admittedly I did go on a bit about being a "cougar" as my now ex was 3 years younger than me at the time. My 24th birthday was memorable in that I was in my first relationship in my life. It was momentous.

This year, I'm single and contented for my 25th birthday. Obviously, life is a tad brighter when someone loves you, but for the moment, I've got other things to think about than love - love will come again I'm sure.

I had a chat with my Mumma and decided that for my birthday I'd like a vintage shopping day in London. So that's what we did! We trawled around all the vintage shops in the Bricklane/Spitalfields area and I was certainly underwhelmed. However, my Mumma did buy me a lovely 40's style shirt from Rokit vintage - I'm guessing by the apparent overflow of 80's clothing in Bricklane, it is in fact 80's but I believe in making something work in your favour regardless.

The second item I lusted over was this absolutely gorgeous Rita Hayworth style jacket that I knew I simply MUST have. Bought from Beyond Retro.
The picture really does not do this jacket justice at all. It's so old Hollywood glamour. It looks fabulous with a black pencil skirt, seamed tights and 40's heels. Love it.

After we scoured the entire Spitalfields area, we made our way to Selfridges on Bond Street for a Yo Sushi and a glass of Prosecco. How divine! hehe.

Of course, our fabulous trip into London wouldn't be complete without the obligatory cocktails in Chez Gerard in Covent Garden. My signature cocktail is the Raspberry Debonair, my Mumma's is the Mojito!! Oooer!

All in all, a fabulous (albeit soggy) birthday trip to London.

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  1. Heya missy, just read your blog. Beyond Retro is my favourite shop of all time. I'm going a photoshoot in a few weeks that's supposed to be 1940s lingerie/glamour and I'm in a bit of a pickle. Looking to get undies from What Katie Did but can't find other sites that do anything similar :( not looking to buy actual vintage knickers though! 70 pants do not do it for me. Have you got any bright ideas?

    Best regards

    J x



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