Friday, 10 June 2011

Impromptu is not the word!

Well I never! We were in Selfridges in Birmingham looking at the Creme De La Mer that I want to buy myself (thanks to a lovely lady called Moira on the Fedora Lounge forum) when we're handed a leaflet saying there's a vintage tea party happening on the floor above!

So we make our way up there to see what the fuss was about and based around a franchise of Folli Follie jewellery and watches, there's flashbulbs going off, makeup mirror lights with ladies having their hair done, ladies all dressed up to the nine's in 40's garb handing out cups of 'Gin Tea Cocktails' in mismatched crockery, cupcakes and a makeup artist from Benefit recreating makeup from the 40's!

We had no idea what was going on but thought we'd get in on the tea and cake action. I thought 'ah, why not' to having my hair and makeup done as I was already dressed in my usual 1940's wardrobe, but hadn't bothered with the hair and makeup. Perfect!

They seemed to have taken a liking to my look, as I ended up being asked by the photographer for the event to pose for some photos in front of the Folli Follie cabinet and pose as though I was trying on the jewellery whilst having a cup of tea poured for me.

Oh it was so much fun! Everyone was watching and staring while I was having my makeup done (and I met a lovely young lady called Lucy who also had her hair and makeup done) and during the shoot. If it wasn't for the gin in the tea I probably would've been too shy to have even had my hair or makeup done!

I had a chat with a lovely lady (I believe her name was Claire - I was all a bit of a fluster from the gin) who's a journalist from Area magazine - a local West Midlands magazine I believe. So, the images may be used for some sort of publication! I'm hoping to receive an email from her with a few pictures from the event.

I got in the car and just couldn't stop grinning all the way home to Milton Keynes. I couldn't believe it had all happened to me!

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  1. oh I love it! very retro



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