Friday, 8 July 2011

Most recent purchases

Last weekend Mumma and I took a road trip down to London (as we do!) and I picked up a couple of vintage bits for my collection. We took a stroll down Camden and found a lovely hidden vintage/thrift store where I picked up this gorgeous 1940's original tea dress!

Sadly it was around 6 o'clock by the time we found this amazing shop called St Cyr Vintage. Instantly, I fell in love with a 1940's beige suit jacket with a black lambs' fur collar and cuffs. I had a bit of a chat with the lovely guy behind the counter and he said it's 'very small' and that lots of people had tried it on and... I added 'failed' to his sentence - you could tell that's where he was going but I beat him to the punch as it were, with a giggle!
So with bated breath I tried on this breath-takingly gorgeous jacket, and lo and behold it fits like a glove!
It wasn't until my Mumma spotted two rather obvious green stains on both shoulders, that my heart sank. We uhmed and arghed over it for a while, and concluded that Jessica was going to take the jacket to her local dry cleaners for their opinion on removing these stains. She said she'd give me a call to let me know of the outcome.

I had a phonecall from Jessica yesterday, and to my utter sadness, the stains are permanent damage to the jacket and would require the jacket to be re-dyed. As with all vintage clothes, you win some, you lose some and that was a very sad defeat. 

I try to maintain a certain level of tidiness with my personal vintage collection, so I just couldn't wear this jacket knowing it wasn't in near-perfect condition. *sigh* Oh well, there will always be more vintage to fall in love with, I'm sure.

Alas, my shopping trip to St Cyr Vintage wasn't a total loss, as I picked up these gorgeous dancing shoes for a tenner, and a gorgeous pair of 50's clip on earrings (pic of the earrings to follow!).

As I've said before, I'm a huge advocate for eBay. I had to mention this little tin that a friend of mine bought for me many many years ago, from eBay while I was on holiday to Greece. I don't know if you can still buy these little tins, but I have to show you how cute it is. I use this for painting on my beauty spot - I have a mole there already, so this is perfect for just making it a little bit darker. I only recently noticed how 50's this tin really was! Isn't it gorgeous?

Another of my recent purchases on eBay was this necklace. It features wooden beads with the original clasp, and painted leather flowers and leaves. I've had to take out a few beads as it was such a long necklace, but you'd never know! It's such a fun piece. Looks great with my Collectif Dolores top, Capri's, and espadrilles!

I also grabbed myself two completely divine hand crocheted 1940's snoods.

There's also nothing quite like a stroll around a car boot sale on a Sunday morning, where I picked up some lovely cups and saucers, and hand made them into candles! These will be for sale at some point!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Holy Mackerel!!!!

Ever since I was a child, I've always dreamed of having my own business. It sounds a bit odd saying that, but it's true. When I was a kid every so often I visited my Grandparents who lived in Liverpool. My parents took me to a shopping mall called Quiggins which very quickly defined my late childhood/early teens as a 'goth'. Quiggins was an 'alternative' emporium in what seemed to me, to be the most amazing building in Liverpool. It felt like an old factory, that had been partitioned into shops galore. There was a cafe/restaurant on the top floor, a furniture shop, poster shop, record store, Clairvoyant and hair salon... probably more, that my memory fails to remember!

So for years I've always talked about having my own 'Quiggins'. Sadly, the city in which I live doesn't exactly house the same level of history that Liverpool does, so finding a 100 year old factory in Milton Keynes to occupy, may be hard ask. However, I am not easily swayed when I have an idea, I tend to run with it to the best of my ability, so watch this space.

Quiggins that no longer exists - after a 4 year battle with the locals, the city closed Quiggins down in 2006 with a Compulsory Purchase Order, with plans to 're-modernise' the local area. 

I have once again enlisted the help and support of the Prince's Trust. They amazingly awarded me a £300 grant towards the cost of my new occupation as a Body Piercer (which I'm loving!). Alongside my piercing, I'd like incorporate my love for fashion; particularly vintage fashion from the 20's to the late 50's - which is what my blog is mostly about - funnily enough!

I'm due to attend an introductory session with the Princes Trust on 26th July, so I shall of course be updating my blog with anything to do with my new vintage based business venture.

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